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Leverage automates client screening, signing, communications, document exchange, data and task management in a single integrated system --- lowering client service costs while dramatically improving client satisfaction.

"We used Leverage to cost-effectively and quickly screen and obtain executed retainer agreements and fact sheets from well over 1,300 claimants on their individual consumer fraud claims. We then used it to effectively manage, communicate with, and advise these clients through litigation and eventually settlement. Gone are the days of the unwieldy and costly banks of clerks and telephones."

Michael Lewis Kelly

Senior Partner, Kirtland & Packard LLP

  • -Replace basic contact forms, and casual interviews with LEVERAGE’s smart intake
  • -Consistently follow your own best practices
  • -Automatically screen out unqualified prospects
  • -Automate your follow-up process
  • -Send pre-recorded videos of you to clients via a secure client site
  • -Communicate updates via email and text
  • -Stay organized with groups, custom client status fields and task management
  • -Optimize conversions across marketing sources with full marketing dashboards

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